Surgery - Dr. Mullen, Dr. Bankowski and Dr. Groelinger perform routine surgeries such as neutering, spaying, mass removals and dentals on dogs and cats. Most pets are admitted the day of surgery and go home in the evening. We recommend pre-surgical blood work for all of our patients to help head off any complications with anesthesia. All patients undergoing surgery are placed with an IV catheter, fluids and pain medications. During surgery the patient is monitored with a Pulse-Ox (monitors blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level).  We are also equipped to handle specialized surgeries. For such instances, we call on Dr. Guy DeNardo who visits our hospital on a regular basis. Examples of such specialized surgeries would be cruciate repairs and reconstructing broken bones. 

X-ray - In July 2010 we equipped our hospital with a brand new digital x-ray. Now, because of the capability and quickness of the new machine x-rays take less time. This means less time for our patients to have to be in there with us! The digital x-ray allows the veterinarians to manipulate the image to evaluate internal organs and the skeletal system more thoroughly than a traditional x-ray. Now, because of the digital x-ray, we now have the ability to send x-rays for consults via email, which in return we receive a quicker response. Also that means no more bulky envelopes we can now burn your pet’s x-rays right to a disc, making transport much easier.

Dental - Pets have teeth too! It’s proven that brushing your pet’s teeth at home helps reduce tartar. Unfortunately, not all pets cooperate as well as we all would like. For such instances, we are fully equipped to do your pet’s dental. We scale the tartar off of your pet’s teeth, take dental X-rays, and pull any necessary teeth that may be causing your pet discomfort. Like in our other surgeries, we recommend pre-surgical blood work for all of our patients to help head off any complications with anesthesia. Our patients are also placed with an IV catheter, fluids and pain medications. They are also monitored with the Pulse-Ox, which take your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels. 

Microchipping - Losing your bestfriend can be devastating. Helping to recover them can be made easier by microchippng your beloved pet. We work with Avid Friend Chip company, which is a 24/7 recovery network. Once we insert the microchip, the pet owner then fills out the appropriate paperwork for registration with avid. The microchip can also work as a lifetime license for your canine companion if you send all of the appropriate paperwork into yor local courthouse. 

Euthanasia - We respectively assist your pet in their final days. We are always here for you in your pet’s time of need. If you would like, Dr. John will come to your home so you can allow your pet to experience their final moments in a familiar, comfortable environment.  Rainbow Bridge ( 

In-house laboratory - Along with our new digital x-ray we also bought a new blood machine in July 2010. This blood machine allows us to do more tests, such as thyroid checks and urine protein, creatinine ratios, along with complete blood chemistries, complete blood count and electrolytes. Other routine blood test we offer for our canine companions is a 4Dx test which includes testing for heartworm disease, lyme disease, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis. A test for our feline patients is a combination test that tests for feline leukemia, feline AIDS, and heartworm. We also have a microscope which equips us to read fungals in house, ear cytologies, skin scrapes, ear mite checks, fine needle aspirates and urinalyses.  

Wellness Exams - We stress the importance of yearly physicals for all of our clients. The vaccines given at any specific visit will be based on the pet’s lifestyle, age and condition. We offer the Canine Influenza vaccine that is required by many boarding facilities. We strongly recommend a yearly Lyme vaccine for any dog that may be exposed to ticks or one that resides in a heavily wooded area. Also we recommend the Leptosporosis vaccine to any dog living on a farm, an area with abundant wildlife or that goes swimming in creeks, ponds or lakes. We run a wellness program for both adult and senior pets. This blood work runs screening panels that are based on the age of your pet. They also include a free fecal test. We do recommend testing a fecal at least once a year. Many worms and parasites are found in the soil. Some worms can be passed onto you and your family.

Medical Exams - With our in house laboratory and digital x-ray we can get quick answers for any pet visiting us that is feeling a little under the weather. We also work closely with an outside referral lab for any more specialized tests that may be needed to aid in diagnosing your pet spela på casino online .  If needed we will hospitalize your companion for observation, IV fluids, or any other continued care that is advised.   

Grooming - Who doesn’t need a spa day? Your pet enjoys it too. Our grooming facility is fully equipped to give your pet the spa day that they deserve! We welcome cats as well. 

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